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Every building is unique, we discuss and plan with you the client every stage & detail of your proposed project.

Bourneville Village

A partial installation

The property owner was instructed by his local building control authority to install a partially protected system.

By doing so he was able to eliminate the need for fire doors and unwanted fire partitions affording his architect the freedom to design a wonderfully large open plan kitchen without the usual boundaries.

The completed system complimented the final kitchen design with flat matt white cover plates that seamlessly integrated with the decor but more importantly provide 24hr around the clock fire protection.

Hampton Manor

In the heart of England

Hampton Manor required the utmost attention to detail to ensure that the fire sprinkler heads were carefully cited. A listed building that needed protection but also challenged our design experience to ensure that all fire sprinkler positions were installed sympathetically putting great thought and detail into every location but at the same time adhering to design parameters for BS9251 fire sprinkler systems ensuring that the system fulfilled its design criteria. It was tough going but we overcame the challenge and delivered an installation that we are extremely proud of.

The beautiful oak panelled ceilings were installed with copper plated traditional fire sprinklers, we knew that over time the copper coating would oxidise and become almost invisible.

In the stately rooms, we ensured that the fire sprinklers worked with the symmetry of the ornate moulded ceilings.

The restoration of Hampton Manor was completed in 2012, to this day we maintain the fire sprinkler system. We have developed a longstanding relationship with the managemenent team - thank you everyone @ Hampton Manor.

Jewellery Quarter Birmingham

Tenby St - 3 town houses

All three properties were installed with a full BS9251 fire sprinkler system, the flow rate was adequate from the mains supply but unfortunately the pressure needed to reach the upper floors was inadaquate.

The solution was to install a booster pump from the mains water supply conforming to water regulations.

The Jewellery Quarter is deeply nested in Birmingham's industrial historical past, being part of transforming these forgotten derelict sites into beautiful modern sought after town houses was quite something. Being Brummies ourselves it's great to be part of a new chapter.

Market St, Spalding

A town house restoration.

The proud owners have been working hard to renovate their handsome town house. They wanted to extend the living area by renovating the large loft but without compromising the buildings layout to comply with building regulations.

The solution was to install a partial fire sprinkler system protecting the escape routes from the top floor to the front door. The flow rate was adequate but the pressure was not, a booster pump was fitted conforming to water regulations.

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